Pay cash by Truemoney


Pay cash by Truemoney
Pay cash by Truemoney

Pay cash by Truemoney

1) Buy a Thai mobile phone number sim card (any provider) such as at 7-11 branch nearby you.
2) Activate the sim card by your passport.
3) Download TrueMoney app with QR code above. More info
4) Activate your TrueMoney app with your passport.
5) Go 7-11 branch nearby you to verify your identity to use Promptpay service by your passport and scanning your face.
6) Top up money to your TrueMoney app to cover the ticket prices.
7) Scan our promptPay QR code or use our bank account number to make full payment of the ticket prices to us. (Not deducting fees)
8) Sent a paid slip copy of your transaction to us by email: [email protected] or WhatsApp +66993154168 or Line @kingbooking
9) Within 3-6 hrs. you'll get the download link of confirmed tickets. And Enjoy :-)


Pay cash by Truemoney

Our bank account number

Our promptPay QR code

How to sign up


1: Open the application and Press “Sign In”



2: Enter your mobile number and Press “Next”



3 : Fill in 6 digits of OTP number



4: Review Terms of Service and Privacy Policy and Press “Register”



5: Choose “Foreigner” and press “Scan Passport”



6: Ensure that your passport photo is not blur and clearly see the information and press “Next”



7: Remove glasses, hat and mask and ensure the lighting then press “Take Selfie” (You may request to blink eye twice during the selfie)



8: Fill in relevant information and press “Next”



9: Choose your work permit type



10: Take photo of document. Ensure that your passport photos are not blur and clearly see the information and press “Use this photo”



11: You can upload more photos by press “Add more photos”. If not press “Submit” (For pink card, please take photos of both side)



12: Enter your email and password. If you don’t have one, press no-email and then press “Next”



13: TrueMoney Wallet registration is completed. Please wait for approval. You will receive the notified SMS for the registration result.


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